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Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Time Zone “World Destruction” Plus A Whole Bunch More!

Happy end of the world to you! Just think, if it hadn’t been for those darn Mayans and their stupid calendar, we could have kept right on living forever. BUT NOOOO! They decided today should […]


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Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Beach House “Myth”

Considering the raging paranoia tomorrow (and how crazy is it how some humans have bought into it hook, line & sinker despite so many other “end of the world” scares they’ve already sailed right through?) […]


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Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Silversun Pickups “Dots & Dashes (Enough Already)”

You were busy this year. You needed to yell at the Chicken of the Sea, the captain of the Costa Concordia as he ran away from what he had done. You had to vote in […]


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Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Shadow On The Run”

Did you ever get into the Batman: Arkham City game? If so, then you should be familiar with this song from one of the best rock bands presently on the planet, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. […]


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Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Gaz Coombes “Subdivider”

Are you a Supergrass fan like me? If so, that would mean you’re sick into them. Love them. Way. So, it was cool to see Coldplay plug them and Gaz Coombes (their lead singer) and […]



Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Band Of Skulls “Sweet Sour”

Here’s another song you may have been too busy listening to banjo music this year to have noticed. The video similar to M83‘s “Midnight City” but without the telekinesis. Nice little rock song from this […]


Photo: Hana Ardelean & Jennifer Szilvagyi

Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Kitten “G#”

Well, it’s 12/12/12 and if you’re reading this twelve minutes and twelve seconds after it was posted then you should really head to Vegas and throw some money down on 12 on roulette (and tell […]


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Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Miike Snow “Paddling Out”

Turns out even an entertaining video isn’t ASSurance your cool song will get the attention it deserves. I’ve been posting good little ditties here at over the past few weeks that have kind of […]


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Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Iggy Pop (Feat. Bethany Cosentino Vamp) “Let’s Boot & Rally”

Sure, this har song was in that True Blood thing, but it’s still quite the little rocker you may have ended up missing this year. * * * * *


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Punk Roq Korner: X “Johnny Hit And Run Paulene”

Come Friday, come punk. Jack formerly of L.A.’s Society Gone Madd throws you a punk gem every Friday and here’s today’s offering. This is a song about rape. A man raping women after finding a […]