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[Internet Roundup] Power Rangers Fan Film, Limp Bizkit Vs. Seinfeld + More

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: A Power Rangers fan film, Mary Poppins sings death metal, Limp Bizkit vs. Seinfeld, Plizzant Earth with Snoop Dogg and more!


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‘Big Birdman’ Is an Awesome Sesame Street ‘Birdman’ Parody: Watch

Let’s be real, this Sesame Street parody of ‘Birdman’ kind of wrote itself. Well played, Children’s Television Workshop.


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[Internet Roundup] Wes Anderson’s Horror Film, Morgan Freeman Reads The Fox, Star Wars Blooper + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: What if Wes Anderson made a horror film, Morgan Fox reads “The Fox,” Nick Offerman’s great moments in mustache history, It’s Britney Witch, the Star Wars Blooper Reel and more.


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Al-Jazeera Explores Sesame Street Songs As Instruments Of Torture

One could imagine music from Rage Against the Machine, Metallica an Marilyn Manson being used as instruments of torture… But Sesame Street?


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Internet Roundup 2/8/12: Jimmy Kimmel’s Super Bowl Challenge, Mob Wives, 311 Sesame Street Stylee + More

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: Mob Wives, kids who scores baskets for the wrong team, 311 Sesame Street stylee, a spelling bee fail and drunk people are funny. Also, Women for Eli Manning, […]


Listeners call in with their impaled stories.

K&B Podcast Wednesday October 19th: Kevin Smith, You Were Impaled + More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: 911 is a Joke, stuff Siri says, Kevin Smith talks about Red State and his SMODcasts, you were impaled calls, Sesame Street’s YouTube page is hacked and more. We […]


Well Played, Katy Perry, Well Played.

Katy Perry showed up last night on the season premiere of Saturday NIght Live and cleverly answered the critics who complained that her huge boobs were inappropriate for Sesame Street. Those little bitches may have […]


K&B Recap Friday September 24th: Jason Schwartzman

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan,  Katy Perry vs. Sesame Street,  Jason Schwartzman stops by and gets a call from Ted Danson, Loquecia recaps the latest Jersey Shore. The Cleveland […]


Katy Perry, Too Hot For TV?

  When anybody says anything bad about my Katy Perry I’ve got to stand up and say something. Unfortunately, when I think about Katy I often can’t stand up, if you take my meaning. Some […]


Kevin & Bean Daily Recap: Thursday November 12th

Morning open, The bad reporter & sneezy girl, Listener emails, Celebrating Sesame Street’s 40th Birthday, You can only poop at home, Chimps are NOT pets, Hulk Hogan auditions for Metallica, Jimmy Dean voicemail, Stump Rodney […]