President’s Day to Z Weekend

‘P’-Off…and Running!

So, we are up to our necks in P on the KROQ President’s Day-to-Z Weekend – and after the jump, you’ll see some of the videos for the songs coming up RIGHT NOW…


The Story of ‘O’

We’re about to show you our ‘O’ face during the KROQ President’s Day-to-Z Weekend.  Starting at about 2:45 Saturday afternoon, songs start with an ‘O’ (which in the world of radio amounts to rocket science). […]


What Can You Think of That Starts With A ‘C’?

We’re doing The KROQ President’s Day-to-Z Weekend all long arse weekend long, playing songs at you by title from A-Z, and at post time, I’m up to the (dread) letter ‘C’ – so, after the […]


The KROQ President’s D-A-A-A-y to Z Weekend.

I dig these long weekend THANGS we do from time to time, ’cause we end up digging into the vault and blowing the virtual dust off of old MP3s we haven’t hit PLAY on in […]



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