OC Music Awards 2014

The Offspring

The Offspring Take Home The Impact Award At 2014 OC Music Awards

Last Saturday, The Offspring picked up the OC Music Awards’ coveted 2014 OCMA Impact Award.



OC Music Awards 2014 Finals: Rebel Revive, Solution, Midnight Hour, Well Hung Heart, Beneath The Buried

The last night of the OC Music Awards is always a bittersweet one and this year was no exception. As a judge (and co-presenter), sitting through all thirty-five bands was constantly entertaining given that the caliber and eclecticism of the bands were at a professional level this year more than most.



OC Music Awards Announce 2014 Best Live Band Finalists

The 2014 OC Music Awards Showcase Series presents 8 weeks of free concerts every Tuesday night at venues across OC. Hundreds of artists submitted to participate in the series and 35 local artists were chosen […]


Well Hung Heart

OC Music Awards #7: The Higgs, The Lowly Spects, Asleep At The Gate, Well-Hung Heart, Big Monsta

The last night of the OC Music Awards took place in the swingin’ ’70s meets ’20s speakeasy vibe of Fullerton’s The Continental Room. Although a tight squeeze, the place boasted an amazing sound system and […]



OC Music Awards #6: Mikey Pauker, Katastro, Solution, Wheeland Brothers, & The Originalites

The OC Music Awards saw its fair share of quintessential Orange County flair with the reggae-rock/flip-flop rock/ska night at the Tiki Bar. Mikey Pauker won the award for most spiritually-inclined with his yoga-flavored beach pop, […]


The Offspring

2014 OC Music Awards Announces Offspring As Orange County Impact Award Recipient

Each year OC Music Awards presents two outstanding accomplishment honors for Orange County Impact and Lifetime Achievement. The OC Music Awards Producers and Academy members are extremely pleased to present the 2014 OC Impact honor to The Offspring and the 2014 Lifetime Achievement award to Kid Ramos.



OC Music Awards Showcase #3: Gardeners Logic, Midnight Hour, FutureFix, Sonny Spectrum, & Semi Sweet

Night #3 at the Detroit Bar was a lively affair with the audience appreciating every second of the performances, given the future status of the Detroit Bar. The infamous music venue will close down soon, […]



OC Music Awards Showcase #2: Hicks Canyon Band, David & Olivia, Annie McQueen, Live Oak Revue, Me and the City

Live Oak Revue said it best that the people shopping at Tilly’s probably hadn’t heard so much Americana and folk in their lives. The acoustic-ish night at The District Legacy in Tustin is always the […]



OC Music Awards Announces the 2014 Nominees in 22 Categories

The OC Music Awards Showcase Series kicked off January 7 at Yost Theater launching eight weeks of Showcases to determine the winner of Beat Live Band, leading up to the main Awards show at City […]



OC Music Awards Showcase #1: Breach The Summit, Ceasefire, The Devious Means, Jeramiah Red, The Field Trip

On a beautiful Santa Ana night, five Orange County bands vied for Best Live Band at the elegantly retro Yost Theater.  This long-loved musical treasure was the perfect backdrop for the OC Music Awards’ modern […]