Mike Catherwood


[Internet Roundup] Psycho Mike And Beer Mug Show You How To “Mancercise”

By now, we have all seen the original “Prancercise” video where Joanna Rohrback gets you fit by prancing through a park. Our own Psycho Mike and Beer Mug were so  inspired by the revolutionary new […]


Kevin Arclight 4x3

Everybody Needs To Start “Kevining”

So what is this new phenomenon known as “Kevining?” Well, Kevin is currently participating in Arclight’s 10 Year Anniversary Campaign, which involved him having to take photos for some large wall displays at local Arclight […]


Murder on the 405

K&B Podcast Wednesday August 15th: Adam Carolla, Mike Catherwood, Bad Tippers & More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Homeless Beer Mug, Bad Tippers, Honey Boo Boo highlights, Adam Carolla’s This Week in Rage and more.


(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

K&B Podcast Friday August 3rd: Kate Beckinsale, Beer Mug Total Recall Interviews & More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Kate Beckinsale, Movie Beat, Beer Mug’s Total Recall Interviews & more.


Awkward's Ashley Rickards

Video: Psycho Mike Has A Dance Off With Awkward’s Ashley Rickards

Ashley Rickards from MTV’s Awkward paid the Kevin & Bean Show a visit yesterday, and during a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, she started popping and locking in her seat. Dancing With The Stars alumnus […]


(Photo credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/GettyImages)

K&B Podcast Thursday July 26th: Vince Vaughn, Awkward’s Ashley Rickards, Dr. Drew & More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Vince Vaughn, Awkward’s Ashley Rickards, Dr. Drew & More.


Photo: Jay Lightning Tilles

Psycho Mike Battles Brad Williams In Push Up Rematch

It all started with a simple challenge at a Weenie Roast. Comedian and friend of the show, Brad Williams runs into Psycho Mike backstage and challenged him to a push up contest. Psycho Mike accepted […]


(Photo by Gabriel Olsen)

K&B Podcast Thursday May 17th: Psycho Body With Psycho Mike, The Push Up Contest, Dr. Drew + More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Omaraoke for American Idiot tickets, cell phones on planes, Manny Ramirez will play in the Minor leagues, The Psycho Body with Mike Catherwood, Dr. Drew, Push up contest with […]


SouthLAnd's Ben McKenzie & Michael Cudlitz

K&B Podcast Tuesday January 24th: SouthLAnd’s Ben McKenzie & Michael Cudlitz, Mike Catherwood + More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Oscar Nominations, Wheel of Bad Animal Voices: Boo the cutest dog in the world, Thanks for That Info Bean, you let everybody down, SouthLAnd’s Ben Mckenzie and Michael Cudlitz, […]



Psycho Mike Catherwood’s Domestic Journey: Buying Only American Made Products For One Year

[pullquote quote=”One of the goals is to give notice to and celebrate companies that, in this day of outsourcing, continue to make their products within the United States. ” credit=”Mike Catherwood”]Late last year Mike had […]