Lisa May

K&B Podcast Monday March 21st: Comedian Doug Benson

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Whipping people into a needless frenzy, Lisa May eats dog poo, Andrew Siciliano recaps the crazy weekend at the NCAA tournament, Comedian Doug Benson, TMZ’s Harvey Levin, the real Gary […]


Lisa May Ate WHAT?!?!

This morning, we discovered some shocking news about Lisa May’s eating habits. I don’t want to gross you out right off the bat, but it wasn’t pleasant! I mean, we’ve all eaten some questionable things […]


Join Me At Sylmar’s Wildlife Learning Center This Saturday

By now you probably know that I’m into animals. Kevin & Bean tease me endlessly about expressing my dog’s anal glands. But, as a pet-lover, you gotta do what you gotta do. I want to […]


K&B Recap Thursday August 5th: Bean’s Twitter Friends

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: R Patz is selling underwear, Lisa May feeds the feral cats, Stump Manny for Dodger Day tickets, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg talk about The Other Guys. Bean’s Twitter friends, Dr. […]


Should Lisa May Feed The Feral Cats?

Today the guys yelled at  Lisa May about feeding the feral cats at KROQ. For those of you who don’t know there is a bit of history on this topic. For years the KROQ building […]


Kevin & Bean Call Lisa May’s Dead Mother… Kind Of

After hearing a commercial that leads Kevin & Bean to think Lisa May’s mother has passed away, they confront her and attempt to console her. Lisa then discloses that she’s not dead. What? Kevin & Bean then demand […]


Greatest Game Ever: Motorboat Miss Cleo!

This morning we may have played our best game yet. Motorboat Miss Cleo. Well, it would have been the best game ever if YOU the listeners, didn’t blow it. All you had to do was […]


K&B Recap Friday May 7th: Listener Dawan Looks For A Woman

On today’s show: Long time listener and friend of the show Dawan want’s to find a nice Christian woman, revenge on cheating partners, Thanks for That Info Bean and Lisa May’s mom is NOT dead. […]


K&B Recap Thursday May 6th: Kevin Smith

On today’s show: Kevin Smith and Petros Papadakis stopped by, so we didn’t get much of a chance to speak.  Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan called in, The Wheel O’Bad Animal Voices,  unusual fears and more. Click more to hear […]


K&B Recap Friday April 9th: Slash

On today’s show: Slash stopped by the studio and played clips off his new album “Slash,” Rotten Tomatoes Editor Matt Atchity stepped in for the Movie Beat and the new C.I.A. commercials. We also spoke with Adam […]