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Beer Mug Ambush: The Grilled Cheese Truck Incident

A few days ago while talking in the morning show office, Beer Mug publicly denounced all grilled cheese sandwiches. When Omar brought up the magic that is The Grilled Cheese Truck, Beer Mug foolishly dismissed […]


Jim Jefferies performing at Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness 2014 (Photo by Alex Rauch)

Top 8 Reasons Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness 2014 Ruled

The classic classiness of The Shrine Auditorium got crassed up for one night with the arrival of Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness 2014. Check out our Top 8 Reasons April Foolishness ruled.



Throwback Thursday: Bubblewrap Beer Mug

You’ve seen the red carpet “interviews.” You’ve seen how much he eats. So you know what Kevin & Bean think of Beer Mug (hint: it ain’t much). It was from that utter disdain that Kevin […]


Courtesy Columbia Records

Foster The People Talk Coachella, Social Media, Forthcoming Album ‘Supermodel’ With Kevin & Bean

Foster The People stopped by The Kevin & Bean Show to discuss their upcoming Coachella performance, social media, and their new forthcoming album ‘Supermodels.’



Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness 2014 Lineup & Ticket Info

KROQ presents Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness 2014 – Saturday April 5 at the Shrine Auditorium – featuring Jim Jefferies, Patton Oswalt, Adam Carolla, Tim Minchin, Marc Maron, Doug Benson, Eddie Ifft, Taylor Williamson and VJ Mike Relm.


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Throwback Thursday: Kevin’s Coachella 2012 Backstage Tour

Ah Coachella. One of our favorite times of the year. The music, the artwork, and, of course, the people! Coachella may be about the music, but what goes on beyond the stage is pretty darn wacky as well.



Throwback Thursday: Beer Mug Nugget Challenge

Beer Mug has always been a human garbage disposal of sorts. He likes to eat, he eats a lot, and he will eat anything. That’s why Kevin & Bean thought he have a decent chance of breaking the record of eating 80 nuggets in five minutes.



Throwback Thursday: Psycho Mike’s Red Bull Air Race Adventure

Psycho Mike got the thrill of a lifetime as he climbed onboard Red Bull’s air racer.


Vampire Weekend at the GRAMMY Awards (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Vampire Weekend Discuss GRAMMY Win In Exclusive Interview With Kevin & Bean

Vampire Weekend talk to Kevin & Bean about their GRAMMY win, Trent Reznor’s tweet, and the “Big Game.”



Beer Mug Backstage At The GRAMMYs

After the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit red carpet premiere debacle, Kevin & Bean weren’t sure if they could trust Beer Mug to handle the backstage interviews at the 2014 GRAMMYs.