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[Internet Roundup] Arnold Works At Gold’s Gym, Ron Jeremy’s Wrecking Ball, Honest Action + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: Arnold goes back to Gold’s gym, Ron Jeremy sings Wrecking Ball, Honest Action, Tom Brady can’t get a high five, Rob Ford gets drunk and more.


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[Internet Roundup] Brittney Palmer Is Slow & Hot, Hopkins Royals, DJ Steve Porter’s Jeopardy Remix + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer is slow & hot, every F bomb in Wolf of Wall Street, another Lorde parody DJ Steve Porter’s Jeopardy Rap remix, all the episodes of the Twilight Zone at once and more.


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[Internet Roundup] Old Spice’s Mom Song, MC Alex Trebek + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: Old Spice’s Mom Song, MC Alex Trebek, a reporter faints, news bloopers, a photo bomb fail, the cinnamon challenge with a twist, every Dillinger Escape Plan song at once and more.


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[Internet Roundup] Top 10 Videos Of 2013

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: We count down the Top 10 videos of the year. Please enjoy!!


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[Internet Roundup] WestJet Christmas Miracle, Tom Hanks Christmas Card & More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: West Jet wins Christmas, A Christmas Story in real life, President Obama sings Jingle Bells,it gets cold in LA, a 2013 pop medley and more.


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[Internet Roundup] A Tribute To Paul Walker, DJ Earworm Mashup, Mike Relm Remixes + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: A tribute to Paul Walker, DJ Earworm & Pop Danthology mash up the best songs of the year, An Epic Rap Battle of History between Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, Rebecca Black reacts to Friday, Mike Relm remixes Amy Schumer & Bound 5 and more.


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[Internet Roundup] James Franco & Seth Rogan “Bound 3,” Wrecking Ball ChatRoulette, Onion Reviews Hunger Games: Cathing Fire + More

In this Internet Roundup: The Onion reviews The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, an Epic Meal Time Thanksgiving, James Franco & Seth Rogan take on Bound 2, Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Chat Roulette edition, celebrities read mean tweets and more.


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[Internet Roundup] Breaking Bad’s Alternate Ending, The Gay Bachelor + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: Breaking Bad’s alternate ending, The First Gay Bachelor, Jubilee gets fired from the X-Men, The Ballad of Rob Ford and more.


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[Internet Roundup] 30 For 30: Space Jam, Thor 3, Honest Trailer: Man Of Steel + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: 30 for 30: The Space Jam Game, the Rob Ford Crack remix by DJ Steve Porter, the best Miley Cyrus cover you’ll see, the Hunger Games remade with cats, a Thor 3 preview, an honest trailer of the Man of Steel and more.


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[Internet Roundup] Thor or Loki, Jimmy Kimmel’s I Told My Kids I Ate All Thier Halloween Candy YouTube Challenge + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: Who’s better: Thor or Loki, a truck driver fail video, the Foo Fighters announce they are going to Mexico, SNL parodies “The Fox,” Jimmy Kimmel’s You Tube challenge: I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy and more.