091213 Internet Roundup 4x3

[Internet Roundup] Black NRA, GTA V The Musical, Iron Man 3 Honest Trailer & More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: Sarah Silverman supports the Black NRA, A man see his wife for the first time again, GTA the Musical, An Honest Trailer of Iron Man 3 and more.


Picture Of The Day: What Not To Do During A Fire

We had to put this sign up in our office for Dave The King of Mexico!! If you are on Twitter, make sure you follow Kevin & Bean.


The Epic Scenerey Of The La Canda Fire

The La Canada fire did a lot of damage to homes, lives and wildlife.  Not that it’s over, you can really tell just how intense it was from this time lapsed video.  Click “more” for […]


Guy Burns In Fire

What you cannot tell in the photo, that you already know from the title is that a man puts himself on fire because he is an idiot.  Anyways, this dude tries to start a fire […]