052015 Internet Roundup Post

[Internet Roundup] A Man Scares A Bear, A Montana Tooth Pull + More

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: A Swedish man scares a bear, Gay of Thrones, an Honest Trailer of Jupiter Ascending, a drunk guy attempts to climb on a bike, a Montana Tooth Pull, Jimmy Kimmel’s Letterman Tribute and more!


Chrissy Teigen (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated)

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Throws Perfect First Pitch At Dodgers Game – While “Pretty Drunk”

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen throws a perfect first pitch, all while “pretty drunk.”


062514 Internet Roundup Post

[Internet Roundup] Forrest Gump Honest Trailer, The Roots Harry Potter Rap + More

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: An Honest Trailer of Forrest Gump, Star Wars trailer in the style of Guardians of the Galaxy, Anders Nilsen is trying for the song of the summer with Salsa Tequila, the Game of Thrones in the style of the Brady Bunch, Old Spice drills to Brazil and more.


081314 Internet Roundup web

[Internet Roundup] Old Spice’s Mom Song, MC Alex Trebek + More

In this edition of Internet Roundup: Old Spice’s Mom Song, MC Alex Trebek, a reporter faints, news bloopers, a photo bomb fail, the cinnamon challenge with a twist, every Dillinger Escape Plan song at once and more.


Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images

Festival Survival – Don’t Be Mr. Naked Wizard Guy Or Tree Lover Girl

With festival season in full swing, it’s OK to get crazy and wild, but please don’t party so hard that you become the next Tosh.O featured video, unless of course it’s your goal to become […]


Comedian Eddie Izzard is too smart for us.

K&B Podcast Wednesday Febraury 15th: Comedian Eddie Izzard, Dieu To, Stuck In An Elevator, Brad Williams + More

On today’s Kevin & Bean show: Kevin’s tribute song, catching up with Dieu To, an all new Internet Roundup, stuck in an elevator, comedian Eddie Izzard, Brad Williams fills in on the Showbiz Beat and […]



“Kevin The Drunkee” – A Musical Tribute To Our Favorite Moments With Kevin

Omar came in the office two days ago and said, “You’re going to love my new Kevin tribute song.” I wasn’t sure how he could top our daily Moments With Kevin, but sure enough, he […]


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Internet Roundup 2/8/12: Jimmy Kimmel’s Super Bowl Challenge, Mob Wives, 311 Sesame Street Stylee + More

On this edition of the Internet Roundup: Mob Wives, kids who scores baskets for the wrong team, 311 Sesame Street stylee, a spelling bee fail and drunk people are funny. Also, Women for Eli Manning, […]


You Got Drunk And Woke Up Where???

Kevin & Bean listeners are awesome! Half the time, we don’t even need to plan much for a show, because you guys write it for us. Sure, we’ve had our own stories of people here […]


Worlds Greatest Cubs Fan

Everybody likes to pregame before a baseball game. But it seems like Colleen Henneman might have partied a little too hard before the Chicago Cubs  opening day game. Luckily WBEZ’s Justin Kaufman was there to ask her what it […]