Time For Another Round Of “Thanks For That Tweet Bean”

Bean’s twitter feed is an unfiltered stream of information that nobody cares about. Check out the worst of the latest.


Jesse D. Garabrant/ Getty Images

The Small Things That Piss You Off

The font used for the NBA Finals annoys the crap out of DJ Omar Khan. We turned to listeners to give us the littlest things that piss them off.



Bean’s Radio Air Check: “GBGBGB Gene Baxter” At KZZP Phoenix 1988

Ralph dissects an air check of Bean from 1988 during his DJ days at KZZP Phoenix


Scott Mason and Bean

Join Bean And Kidney-Recipient Scott Mason At The Donate Life Run/Walk Event!

Kevin & Bean check in with kidney-recipient Scott Mason, and talk about the Donate Life Run/Walk event happening April 27th



Photos: Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness 2013

Photos from Kevin & Bean’s April Foolishness 2013 with Jay Mohr, Bill Burr, Doug Benson, Rob Delaney, Ari Shaffir, Brad Williams and Sam The Armenian Comedian.


A Moment With Kevin

Kevin & Bean’s Top Ten “Moments With” Of 2012

The Kevin & Bean Show counts down the best “Moments With” of 2012. Bean, Lisa May and Ralph make the list, but Kevin (of course) dominates.


Scott Mason, Bean (Courtesy CBS This Morning)

A Message From Bean: “The Most Thankfullest Thanksgiving Ever”

For the last two weeks, as my kidney donor surgery date was approaching, I kept my eye on Thanksgiving. Whenever “this is difficult” or “this is painful” or “this is scary” crossed my mind I […]



Bean On Seeing Scott Mason After Kidney Transplant: “I Teared Up. It Was Emotional.”

After a successful kidney donation to KROQ’s Scott Mason Tuesday, Bean made it through recovery with flying colors. And, despite some pain, he phoned into the morning show to thank KROQ listeners for their support […]


Photo: Donna Baxter

Bean And Scott Mason In Recovery Following Kidney Transplant

Bean and Scott shared a beautiful moment today as Bean’s kidney became Scott’s. Both recovering like champs.



Bean Donates Kidney: One Week Until Surgery

The last five days have been a whirlwind since we announced on the Kevin & Bean show that I will be donating a kidney to long-time KROQ engineer Scott Mason. Catch up here. In the […]