Bean’s Riveting Periscope Broadcast Of His Ferry Trip To Denny’s

Kevin & Bean producer Dave The King Of Mexico thought it might be cool for Bean to show people the view from his ferry commute to his weekly date with Denny’s. He was wrong.


[Top 10] Moments With of 2014

As radio professionals, we sure do screw up a lot. Please enjoy our Top 10 “Moments With” of 2014…and yes, most of them are Kevin.


[Top 10] Bean’s Worst Tweets of 2014

Throughout the year, we go through Bean’s awful tweets and give him hell for being bad. Well, here are the worst of 2014, and they are a doozy. I would say, “please enjoy”, but no, you won’t enjoy.


Kevin & Bean Voice Idol: Who Will Fill In For Ralph Next Week?

Ralph is out next week, so who will fill in to do the voices? He decided to hold tryouts for the staff of the Kevin & Bean Show.


The 24th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas - Day 2

KROQ’s 2013 Fan Favorite Poll Results

The results are in from the 2013 Fan Favorite Polls. See who you chose as your favorite record store, breakout artist, album, show, LA & OC venue, local band, KROQ show, Kevin & Bean moment and Tweeter!



Top 10 “Thanks For That Tweet Bean” Tweets of 2013

Bean’s tweets are not good. Check out the Top 10 of his worst work on social media in 2013.



Kevin & Bean’s Top 10 “Moments With” Of 2013

Kevin & Bean countdown the show’s Top 10 “Moments With” of 2013. Kevin is the undisputed King, but who will challenge him for this year’s crown?



Time For Another Round Of “Thanks For That Tweet Bean”

Bean’s twitter feed is an unfiltered stream of information that nobody cares about. Check out the worst of the latest.


Jesse D. Garabrant/ Getty Images

The Small Things That Piss You Off

The font used for the NBA Finals annoys the crap out of DJ Omar Khan. We turned to listeners to give us the littlest things that piss them off.



Bean’s Radio Air Check: “GBGBGB Gene Baxter” At KZZP Phoenix 1988

Ralph dissects an air check of Bean from 1988 during his DJ days at KZZP Phoenix