Loveline With Dr. Drew And Psycho Mike

loveline2 Loveline With Dr. Drew And Psycho Mike


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If you think what happens on Loveline is outrageous, wait until you hear what Mike and Drew couldn’t say on the air. The Mike & Drew podcast is like Loveline uncensored online – the best of what the FCC doesn’t want you to hear.



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Dr. Drew Pinsky, board certified internist and addiction medicine specialist, takes listener calls and talks to experts on a variety of topics relating to health, relationships, sex and drug addiction.



Listen To Classic Loveline with Adam Carolla And Dr. Drew

Relive the chemistry that made Loveline one of the greatest and longest running radio shows of all time and find out how when it comes to love, sex and relationships…some things never change.


Tommy Gabel (Photo: Cody Black)

Against Me!’s Tom Gabel Sparks Intense Debate On Sex Change, Dr. Drew “It’s Strange How People Become So Attacking.”

As previously reported, punk rock front man, Tom Gabel from Florida’s Against Me! recently divulged that he will soon begin his transformation from man to woman. According to Rolling Stone, Gabel has struggled with gender dysphoria […]


Ten Reasons To Vote For Mike Catherwood On Dancing With The Stars

America needs Mike Catherwood. It just doesn’t know it yet. Mike is the real deal. He’s like a virus that needs to be unleashed upon millions of unsuspecting Americans. You know him.  There’s no BS with Mike. He’s just a […]


Lacey Schwimmer, Psycho Mike’s Dancing With The Stars Partner, Spills The Details On His Skills, And His Bamboo Underwear.

We all keep wondering whose brilliant idea it was to allow Psycho Mike onto a national TV show, but since that was already given the green light, we started wondering about the poor girl that […]


[Video] Loveline’s Mike And Drew On Last Night’s Bachelor

The focus of last night’s episode of The Bachelor was a group date/excursion to the Loveline Studios. Mike and Drew chat with Brad Womack and his gaggle of girls to dig deeper into their pasts to […]


Jackass 3D’s Steve-O Brings The Funny To Loveline

Steve-O is without doubt one of our favorite people.  He is not only the mega talent from “Jackass 3D” he is also my friend.  Whenever he comes by Loveline it’s a legendary show and last […]