Prophets of Rage: Watch the replay of their HD Radio Sound Space performance now til 7pm!
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One Comment

  1. Aline Cesar says:

    I love PARAMORE.Hayley is perfect…

  2. Aline Cesar says:

    Hayley is bad…

  3. Aline Cesar says:

    I do not want to die

  4. graykeller says:

    Being in a foreign land under normal circumstances is not easy. You must be braver than you realized. A man on my security team was in Afghanistan for three years. He wouldn’t let me see the movie Brothers because he said I might think less of him. I am glad to see you are being a positive influence in a soldiers life.

  5. Flávia York says:

    i loved
    taylor is so handsome

  6. Keren Mars Echelon Parawhore says:

    Wow I Love U

  7. Lauren C says:

    love love love hayley!

  8. lALA says:

    come to HONDURAS!

  9. Scremanie says:

    Hahaha, awesome.

  10. Raul Tabares says:

    ahh!!!!!!! thats me holding her hand!!!!!!! yes i am famous now.. lol
    not only that but i got to see my fav band in the world i love paramore and i have the biggest crush on Hayley Williams!!

  11. Raul Tabares says:

    ahh!!!!! he also caught me singing ignorance!!!!!! that was like the best day ever. hayley smiled at me and looked at me directly. its like i was floating

  12. REEEF says:


  13. john says:

    I wouldnt like to die by a soldier… but if hayley gonna killme so…. COME ON!!! AND SHOOT!!!… 😀

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