Prophets of Rage: Performing live in the HD Radio Sound Space at KROQ. Watch it tonight at 7pm (replaying for 24 hours) or listen in your car on KROQ-HD2!
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One Comment

  1. Jorge says:


    1. Bluestripe says:

      the Sloth thing is .. yes a “Megatherium”… Prehistoric sloth thingummy… Elephant sized sloth

      1. HatchetfishBobSteve says:

        Looks like something from a kid’s book or TV show. Probably wearing it for the nostalgia factor.

  2. ashley says:


    1. Eternally Cloudy says:

      Naw its not the Legonary DOGBOMB!

      1. Eternally Cloudy says:

        Its the world renounded DOGBOMB!!!!

  3. HappyWulf says:

    Awesome! I had such a great time this weekend. Thanks for being cool with us at our con, KROQ.
    Also, I saw Kevin (K&B) in the mid day, and I wish I could have been able to tell him how much of a fan I am of their morning show.

    1. Vanessa says:

      HAPPYWULF!!! Thanks for taking a pic with my friend Eddie who works at KROQ. He loved you guys πŸ™‚

  4. Huepow00 (DJ EAR) says:

    Finished spinning my opening set and heard a few of the Weenie Roast groups were trying to get into the dance. ^_^ Hi Fives to all of them for trying, means a lot – ^_^; But sorry to hear you guys couldn’t get in tho. Staff just wants to keep everyone safe…I can understand. (Running a Convention is enough of a task I suppose.) I feel like I missed out on the fun KROQ was having with their OWN special guests. DEVO? STP? Wish I could have been in two places at once!
    Maybe Next Year….

  5. Steve says:

    Your staff were very kind to us and honestly curious about our little bunch of crazies. I also wish I could have gone to your concert, but it looks like everything went great. Thanks again.

    By the by, your interns STILL need to learn how to use a hula hoop.

  6. Zulu Nation says:

    OMG You guys made the Furry Convention so great. I had a lot of fun drinking with all the random KROQ employees and anyone else who says different is fucking stupid! I hope the Weenie Roast and Califur coincide every year and I personally apologize if you had any issues with furryies. We try to have a good time and sometimes so sissy fanboys whine and cry and need to learn to shut the hell up when grown folks are talking. lol

    Thanks again!
    -Zulu Nation

    1. Wuff_Paws says:

      Hey guys, i do agree with Zulu on this one, great time down by the pool last night! I agree, i hope we do this every year!

  7. MurryPurry says:

    It’s a giant ground sloth. Prehistoric.

  8. Lolpard says:

    The only complaint that I have is that you are showing pics of what 20% of the group wears. Most of us are regular party clothes and maybe ears and tails.

    It was great fun to be in a group that is so cool that the KROQ staff, fans and bands wanted to crash our party. Come next year and get a membership. Califur is great fun.

  9. Orange Kat says:

    I wasn’t there but I am really happy that you guys had a good time. People like you make me happy, ones that actually take the time to scope out furries and see what they are about rather then just slapping a label on the whole subculture. Its a lot more fun when you take the time to get to know us. πŸ™‚
    Glad you guys had a good time!

  10. Omi says:

    KROQ thanks for bein totally chill with us this year! I had an awesome chat with Stryker, got to take photos with a Devo hat, and even partied with you guys until well into 4am. Best night ever! Hope we can do it again!!!!

  11. Dingo says:

    zomg kiteless! wish i could go to the con mccon.

    see you fc!

  12. Hallet says:

    You guys need to get the rest of the pics up! grab them from your crew cause i know you guys have a ton more! it was a blast having you guys chilling out with us. From the funny story of STP trying to crash our dance to the crazy party in 1707. (Thanks for treating us great, We had a great time with all of you guys! the three of us had a blast with you guys) I really want to thank KROQ for having such a great time with us!

  13. Whiskey Foxtrot says:

    Yay! Pic #5. Hanging out with KROQ and their fans was a huge blast. I was actually heading to the dance but I never made it because I was having so much fun with KROQ.

  14. bryan says:

    wtf ,wheres the puke?

  15. WinterDawg says:

    Thanks for all the shots of absinthe you guys need to come and party with us again next year.

  16. Michichael says:

    Milo did a great job on his suit (#2!) Grats kiddo!

  17. Hallet says:

    Dang I was on the phone and was stick behind that dang anime girl that was not even there… Glad you could set it straight Whiskey! too bad no PS this month, maybe we should try to hang some time soon. maybe suit at the District again.

    1. Michichael says:

      Yeah ditto. Annoying, but hey. She’s a chick so people are going to give her more time. πŸ˜›

      1. Omi says:

        He had me his girlfriend with him πŸ˜› Besides, we were the ones up on the 17th floor! I had no idea they opened the room divider tho o.o

  18. Milo-Kun says:

    LOL! PIC #2 is me.. I look like crap in comparison to all the pro fursuiters.. but ehh, what’s can be expected when a 17 year old tries to make a fursuit of a coyote for the first time? πŸ˜›

    1. Michichael says:

      Dude give yourself some credit, it looked GREAT.

  19. Phar says:

    Yay Hula Hooping Kitty, that’s me!
    Can’t wait to see the shenanigans next year!

  20. Omi says:

    Also wanted to add, photo #3 and #4, the purple and white dog fursuit is me! Myself, my boyfriend, and our pal Furball were the three furries that were up in room 1707!! I was the one in the Kings jersey!

    1. Huepow00 (DJ EAR) says:

      Be sure to let Kevin & Bean know… Sock Monkey wants some explanations for being kept up all night wishing he could join in the fun!

      1. Hallet says:

        Tell him next year he needs too join in! everybody needs a drinking buddy. πŸ˜›

  21. Ironbadger says:

    This is Sandoz the megatherium- The suit is based on a prehistoric giant ground sloth.
    Fun guy-bit of a nut, and definitely a ham. πŸ™‚

  22. Hallet says:

    Hey I was told by a few people from KROQ at the party to call in and talk to Amy Goldstine < think that's right… as for (DJ Ear) LOL most if not all the furries had a blast with you guys, some were like all upset saying they are just going to poke fun of us, it happens and it's all in good fun. At present I look back and really miss all the guys from our con and the KROQ staff.

    1. Huepow00 (DJ EAR) says:

      W00t. Glad you guys had fun, Sorry the dances and parties had to end early downstairs!
      Give her a call and see what comes of it!

  23. Panzer says:

    Sup.. had a great time hanging with you guys at the pool. It was funny watching you guys trying to drink that big bottle of JD. Us furs can show ya how to drink lol. I was the one chillin near the couches watching your females get drunk. damn she almost did a handstand too.

  24. bunbun says:

    Thannks kroq for spreading the word about our con! Maybe next year we will explode with con memberships due to your free publicity. . . And for the record it was our hotel first. :p I listen to your show every morning on my was to school and I’m glad you guys are going to be there the rumor says next year. Hey bean. . . What’s your inner animal?

  25. QuietFire says:

    Hahaha you guys got a picture of me up here. I was the tiger with the pink mohawk LOL

  26. LaLiz says:

    so…was that a furry in the Kill “30 Seconds to Mars” Video?

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