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Kevin & Bean Listeners Get Tortured With “Omaroke”

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Every morning at 9:10am this week, The Kevin & Bean Show has had a chance for our listeners to win tickets for both nights to the 23rd Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas.  Usually, we look for caller 20, but today we made the listeners work for it.  And it was painful.

DJ Omar Khan isn’t the greatest of singers, though he insists otherwise. In the game “Omaroke”, Omar pretty much yells a part of a song, and the listener has to guess both the artist and the song title.

Check out the man in action, but we’re not responsible for the ear bleeding that may follow watching this video. You have been warned.

By the way, you have a few other shots at scoring tickets to both nights of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas right here on Head to our Contests section to find out more!

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