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Stryker’s Tales Episode 4 – Steel Panther

Stryker speaks with the legendary Steel Panther!!

9 hours ago

(Photo: Damon Winter)

U2 Worried Their Tour Was Already Over When The Edge Fell Off the Stage

“It would have been the shortest tour in history.”

9 hours ago

(Anton Corbijn for Parlophone/Atlantic Records)

‘Game of Thrones': The Musical? Coldplay Make It a Reality For a Good Cause

We’ll even ignore the fact that Chris Martin gets the Kardashians and the Targaryens mixed up. In all honestly, we’re trying to keep up with both of them.

KROQ-FM–11 hours ago


Listen to KROQ-HD2’s ‘Compleat Roq Of The 80s from A-Z’ This Weekend

You’ll hear every song in their massive library, played in alphabetical order by title — from “A,E,I,O,U SOMETIMES Y” (at 3 PM Thursday), to “ZIGGY STARDUST” (sometime very late Monday night!)


Ralph Garman

Kevin & Bean Podcast 5/21/15: Jim Rome, Adam Carolla & Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

On today’s Kevin & Bean Show: Jim Rome, Adam Carolla & Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.