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The B-Team Podcast

Lightning, DJ Omar Khan and Dave The King of Mexico take you on a behind-the-scenes look at The Kevin & Bean Morning Show.

Lightning (former Kevin & Bean Show producer), DJ Omar Khan (Imaging Director), and Dave The King of Mexico (K&B Producer) give you an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at The Kevin & Bean Morning Show. It’s a must-listen for all Kevin & Bean fans!

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Lightning, Dave and Omar laugh about sending a stripper to visit 103-year-old Sam Wiser and the time Kevin & Bean called Nepal, one of the funniest and most disastrous bits ever.

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Big Tad rose from fan to phone-op to one of the most notable Kevin & Bean Show characters of the 90s. But Tad’s self-destructive behavior and “taditude” ultimately killed his radio career. Here is his story.

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What happened to the KROQ Calendar and Kevin & Bean’s annual Christmas CDs? Kevin’s Bathroom Interviews explained and a special audio treat!

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The guys chat with former producer Frank Murphy about The Bleeda in Reseda, dig into Kevin’s hang-ups and relive burying KIIS-FM’s Balls of Summer.

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The Bleeda in Reseda was a real boxing match between Jimmy Kimmel and Michael the Maintenance Man. Find out why it happened and hear fight audio few have heard.

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Kevin & Bean’s Radiohead April Fools prank upset a lot of fans, that’s why it was so funny. Carson Daly live from the Tallyrand. Where did the phrase “Hit it Steve” come from? Find out here.

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Here’s why Kevin & Bean aren’t allowed to do live remotes any more. Catching up with former phone-op “Ice Bitch” and Chip explains what Kevin & bean do during commercials.

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Lightning recalls riding a motorcycle and sidecar to Atlanta to get Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. Praising Ralph for his ability to save a segment and Big Tad hypnotized to fall in love with Jimmy Kimmel.

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Lightning recalls joining The Kevin & Bean Show in 1991. Omar highlights one Kevin’s latest fails. Beer Mug recalls being punished by Jed The Fish back when he was his board-op. Omar debates his jingle singing skills.

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  1. Matt Wood says:

    B-team link for episode 5 points to episode 6, Gotta catch them all!

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