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Moby Shares Scathing Open Letter to America

By Amanda Wicks

Artists have been reacting in various ways to news that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States today (November 9th). Moby, however, went one step further and penned an open letter to the entire country.

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The self-proclaimed life-long progressive didn’t mince his words, calling out the country’s choice of leader in a letter he shared with Billboard. “america, why are you so afraid of evidence? you smoke cigarettes,naively believing they won’t kill you. you eat garbage, believing it won’t make you sick and obese. and now you’ve elected donald trump,” Moby wrote, before spending several paragraphs listing Trump’s many flaws.

Toward the end, he continued, “donald trump will be impeached, or end his presidency with single digit approval ratings, and hopefully, somehow, america will finally wake up the fact that republicans are, simply, terrible. reagan and bush sr. and the republicans ruined the economy, bill clinton and the democrats fixed it. george w. bush and the republicans ruined the economy all over again, obama and the democrats fixed it. in some baffling, habitual masochism americans keep going back to what’s bad for them, whether it’s food or political parties.”

Moby brought things around to his opening paragraph, ending with, “but here are the facts: junk food makes you fat and kills you. cigarettes give you cancer.and donald trump is a racist and a misogynist who has ruined countless businesses and will be the worst president our country has ever, ever seen.”

Post Author: jay.tilles.


One Comment

  1. Tim Day says:

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your interesting words, as an individual this country’s constitution allows you free speech. But at what point did you decide that your individual freedom gives you the right to lecture anyone else? Having a microphone in front of you is not, contrary to popular opinion is licence to lecture anyone. It is my hope that someday this country will learn that celebrity is not a licence to lecture but a cult in which people of some talent are elevated to an unwarranted level of respect and trust.

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