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Tom Morello Shares New Music Featuring X-Ambassadors

"Here is the Valhalla-rising riff monster I did with X-Ambassadors."

By Staff

Tom Morello has been working feverishly on a new solo album when he’s not on stage with Prophets of Rage. But between all the projects, Morello found time to squeeze in some licks for a collaboration with X-Ambassadors. “Collider” features a somewhat new sound for the Rage Against the Machine guitarist; a spacier sound.

“Here is the Valhalla-rising riff monster I did with X-Ambassadors,” Morello announced on Instagram. Fans quickly pointed out the song’s similarity to something U2 might¬†create.

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Collider can be found on X-Ambassadors’ new album, VHS 2.0. Listen to “Collider” below.

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