Watch Skateboarders Ride Through Desolate LA Streets And Freeways

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Photo by Scott Simock

Photo by Scott Simock

Have you ever wished you could skateboard through the streets of LA without the daunting task of avoiding all the cars and traffic?

Filmmaker Russell Houghton thought the same thing and with the help of his RED camera and some friends, created a pretty epic video of skateboarders cruising the empty streets and freeways of Los Angeles.

“My biggest thing about moving to LA was the traffic. The traffic is terrible. So I was thinking ‘How cool would it be if traffic didn’t exist?’ Basically kind of make it like a ghost town of Los Angeles,” said Houghton.

“In the video itself you don’t see any cars, but when they’re skating on the freeway there actually were cars on the freeway, which was pretty gnarly. There were definitely some sketchy times shooting some of these shots. I have such rad friends who are down to be a part of this project.”

Wonder how Houghton pulled this off? “Lots of masking in adobe after effects.” Watch the video below for more info on how it was created.



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