Action Bronson Hooks Up Coachella Audience With Trash Bag Of Free Weed

"I’m gonna get in trouble!"

While other performers might consider themselves “artists,” Queens, New York hip-hop performer Action Bronson is definitely not that. He’s a hype man, a bearded version of the common man, an anti-status symbol of this generation’s DGAF mantra, and a performer of the pied-piper variety. Where he went, the crowd followed.

And he went everywhere, even really expensive places that might get him fined tons of money. It wasn’t when the self-described “husky” Bronson jumped off the stage into the audience and walked all the way to the back of the audience. It wasn’t having the crowd sing “Happy Birthday” to his daughter while he donned an airbrushed shirt straight from a carnival vendor that said “Happy Birthday Hannah” on the front and “My Baby Grown” on the back.

Bronson could have done all those things and not have broken any real rules. But like a “beautiful Albanian Santa Claus,” the red-bearded 29-year-old signed to Vice celebrated 4/20 by slipping a little ganja down the chimney and sending up a little smoke. Carrying a giant white plastic garbage bad full of what looked like green bottles of medical marijuana, Bronson started tossing them out to the audience one by one.

Action Bronson (Photo: Scott Dudelson)

Action Bronson (Photo: Scott Dudelson)

Finally, someone who looked extremely legit came onstage and told Bronson to stop. In rebellion, Bronson threw the whole entire white trash bag full of weed bottles into the audience. “Now you mother***ers can go get high!” announced Bronson, not caring about the repercussions. The one-ton rapper followed with, “I’m gonna get in trouble.”

Action Bronson dolls out free weed. (Photo: Nadia Nior)

Action Bronson doles out free weed. (Photo: Nadia Nior)


–Nadia Noir, KROQ Los Angeles


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