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Pasadena City College Offers The Best Course Ever: Navigating Pornography

Getting through college can sometimes be a drag, but Pasadena City College is offering a course that even we may just go back to school for.

A class named “Navigating Pornography” is being offered for the second year in a row, taught by Professor Hugo Schwyzer.

When we first heard about it, we had to find out more info from “Hugo” (Ralph):

But then we received word that the real Hugo Schwyzer heard about it:

We of course then had to have him on!

Hugo Schwyzer also teaches courses in Gender Studies and History at PCC , but this of course is his most controversial, drawing some opposition from faculty and administrators.  He doesn’t show porn in class, but assigns “Porn Homework” (the best kind of homework!), and has discussions about the historical/ cultural contexts in class later.

Most surprising to Kevin & Bean was finding out the gender breakdown of the students in the class: 60% were female!

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