Jesse Heiman Becomes Every Nerd’s Hero In Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Ad

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Jesse Heiman Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad
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In the week following the Super Bowl, the hottest topic besides who won is of course the big commercials that air during the game.  The first ad to come to anyone’s mind this year has to be Go Daddy’s “Perfect Match” Ad, featuring nerdy looking Jesse Heiman making out with Supermodel Bar Rafaeli.

Some people thought it was awkward and gross, but mostly you can’t help but root for the dorky guy getting the ultra-hot girl.

Since the commercial’s first airing, Jesse has found himself plenty busy. Along with doing a crapload of interviews, he’s been getting a ton of responses on Twitter, from both envious dudes and interested girls:

Tweet about Jesse Heiman

And if you weren’t aware, Jesse has also been putting in work for years as the world’s greatest extra. Check out this tribute to his work:

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