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[Exclusive] Bad Religion “Dept. Of False Hope” From New Album ‘True North’

Having released their first album in 1982, it’s likely that Bad Religion founding member and frontman Greg Graffin never would have guessed his teen punk band would still be making music 30 years later, let alone reinvigorating the modern punk movement.

January 22, 2013, marks the release of the legendary act’s 16th studio album, True North. Produced by Joe Barresi, known for his work with Queens of the Stone Age, Pennywise, and Tool, True North aims to please fans in love with the band’s signature intellectually stimulating melodic punk.

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The band released the album’s first single, “F*** You,” a few weeks ago, with the new tune packing an expected sonic punch. Frontman Greg Graffin joked, “If any band should have a song with that title, it’s us. It just sounds like a perfect Bad Religion song.”


As an exclusive, Bad Religion have asked KROQ to world premiere a new track from True North, “Department of False Hope.”


“True North,” the album’s title track, “is written from the perspective of a kid who is running away,” Graffin explains. “He says ‘I’m out of here, I’m off to find true north.’ It’s about recognizing that you don’t fit in and trying to find a truth and purpose. Those are all classic punk themes. We still remember exactly what it feels like to be a disaffected kid in this world. And I think we were able to convey that particularly well on this album.”

True North Track List

  1. “True North”
  2. “Past Is Dead”
  3. “Robin Hood in Reverse”
  4. “Land of Endless Greed”
  5. “Fuck You”
  6. “Dharma and the Bomb”
  7. “Hello Cruel World”
  8. “Vanity”
  9. “In Their Hearts Is Right”
  10. “Crisis Time”
  11. “Dept. of False Hope”
  12. “Nothing to Dismay”
  13. “Popular Consensus”
  14. “My Head Is Full of Ghosts”
  15. “The Island”
  16. “Changing Tide”

— Jay Tilles,

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