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Top 10 Omar Intros Of 2012

Whenever you hear an awesome intro on Kevin and Bean you may wonder “Who is the genius behind this?” Well, that would be D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-J Omar Khan! The man behind the scene, that sits in the back and drinks. He goes into his laboratory and concocts something spectacular.

We gathered our Top 10 Omar Intros of 2012 for your enjoyment.
Oooohhh Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!

10. Omar’s intro for “Ask A Nudist” segment to the tune of Beat It

9. Intro for woman abducted by aliens to the likes of Call Me Maybe

8. Omar’s intro for trivia question segment on little people

7. Intro for Total Recall red carpet

6. Priceless Comic-Con ticket giveaway intro

5. Another Comic-Con intro in the tune of Karma Chameleon

4. Omar’s “Space Case” song for the space tour with Muse

3. “Ask An Interventionist” segment intro

2. One of the strangest intros. A woman in Florida gets a butt hole tattoo

1. The Top slot of 2012 Omar intros goes to the creation of the intro for Beer Mug’s weight loss challenge!

With such an impressive list this year, we can only imagine what works of art Omar will come up with next year. We will wait in anticipation!

~Kevin and Bean Intern Natalie~

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