Bathroom Crisis 2012: Do Not Enter Danger Zone

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Don't go in there!

Don’t go in there!

kevinandbean Kevin & Bean
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Something bad is brewing in KROQ’s men’s room. This is the third time this week that the toilet water has flowed in the wrong direction, spreading fear throughout the building. Lines of eager poopers gathered in front of the digital department’s sanctuary-like facilities in hopes of making a pit stop without wading through ankle-deep sewage.

Here’s the question. Who or what caused this overflow? Beer Mug? Jed The Fish? Doc On The Roq? All three consume fast food at near record paces. Is it possible Beer Mug ate and passed a wrapper?

Or, has the mysterious phantom pooper struck again?

If the bathroom pipes are so easily clogged now, what will happen after all these big Thanksgiving dinners?

bathroomemail Bathroom Crisis 2012: Do Not Enter Danger Zone

A warning letter distributed to staff.


Love, Lightning & Cody

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