Your New Favorite Song To Hate: Nicole Westbook’s “It’s Thanksgiving”

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Nicole Westbrook- It's Thanksgiving
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Just when you thought you were momentarily safe from singers like Rebecca Black, Patrice Wilson, the man behind the insufferable “Friday” song has returned with a new piece of crap celebrating Thanksgiving.

Nicole Westbrook’s song “It’s Thanksgiving”  is officially released on Wednesday, but a music video surfaced last week, already amassing over 3 million views and 35,000 comments.

Some of the best responses to the video:

“Kill it with fire before it lays eggs!!”

“Why the f— was she singing with a chicken leg!?”

“Terrible lyrics, food, and a bird costume? It’s gold, Jerry. Gold!”

“People find such elaborate ways to ruin their life.”

“C’mon creepy adult guy, spit out your gum before you lip sync. We can see it bouncing around your mouth. Gross.”

Witness the badness for yourself, and have it stuck in your head for weeks:

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