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Jason Mewes Raises Awareness Of Predatory Prison Phone Rates With A Funny Video

The subject of  prison phone rates is most likely something that has never crossed your mind, but is something that has negatively impacted families for years.  Contact with spouses and children helps keep the family intact, as well as help in the rehabilitation process. However, rates are purposely high, which is something Jason (“Jay” of “Jay and Silent Bob” fame) Mewes experienced as a boy.

In a new video Jason made for Take Part, he re-enacts what it was like to try to talk to his mother over the phone for a school project.  Due to the call getting cut off for costs, young Jason had to in turn make up his entire project.  Jason called in this morning to Kevin & Bean this morning to share his experience, and drive people to sign the petition against predatory prison phone rates.

According to the Wright to Call Home Campaign , it can cost families $18 for just a 15 minute phone call, and an hour call a week adds up to $280 per month. Overcharging for these inmate phone calls generates over $362 million in annual gross revenue to state prison systems. Some states even ask for a “kickback”, or a percentage from the call, that inflate the costs even higher.

Sure you may not care right now, but knowing our audience, this could effect a lot of you!

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