Jonesy Surprises “Jonesy” During Ralph’s Showbiz Beat

Ralph is the best at celebrity voices, and that also includes some great impressions of KROQ Staff.  However, there’s always the chance it could get back to the real person.

This time, that person happened to be Steve “Jonesy” Jones, ex- Sex Pistols member and DJ of Jonesy’s Jukebox (Sunday nights @ 7pm on KROQ).

Recently, Ralph was  doing a bit as “Jonesy” and talking about the new Sex Pistols boxed set.  The manager of the real Jonesy heard the break and frantically called him, wondering why he would go on the air “loaded,” not realizing that it was a comedy bit.

Yesterday, during the Showbiz Beat, Ralph was doing his Jonesy impression once again, when the real Steve Jones walked into the studio, surprising everyone. After Ralph got over the initial shock, the two began to talk back and forth as “dueling Jonesys” confusing the hell out of everyone!

Jonesy took over for Ralph and did a part of the Showbiz Beat, and told us more about his numerous messages from his confused manager. Bean also had to ask about Jonesy’s sexual encounters with Cameron Diaz, Joan Jett, and other “celebrity concubines”.

Jonesy's Showbiz Beat

-Kevin and Bean Intern Jessica Mendoza

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