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Travis Barker And Yelawolf Credit Rob Dyrdek For Introducing Them

A fan of skateboarding and shenanigans in general, Yelawolf found himself at Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory in Downtown Los Angeles. Dyrdek, who’s collaborated for years with Barker on the DTA and Rogue Status clothing lines, phoned up the drummer to say, “Dude, you’ve got to meet this guy Yelawolf. He wants to come down to the studio right now. You guys have got to chop it up.” Dyrdek continues, “You guys are definitely going to be able to feed off one another.”

Much to Barker’s surprise, the two started making music that very night.

“He had a cadence that he was rapping to me and I immediately came up with a marching drum pattern,” says Barker. “We started building beats. It kinda happened like that every time he came into town. We would get together and make more music.”

Although the two didn’t have any sort of plan or goal, they continued to make music over the next year and a half.

It wasn’t until Barker gave Yelawolf his own signature line of clothing within Famous Stars & Straps that it all became clear. The two planned to release their musical collaborations to aid in the promotion of the apparel.

Country Fresh is just basically my country influence on his existing clothing line,” explains Yelawolf. “Bringing back the deer print, the whiskey bottle, cigarettes, big trucks and whatnot.”

As the duo prepared to launch the line’s second season, they had recorded five tracks together. Though the original thought was to simply release a mixtape, as they got into it, they realized that they had something really special on their hands. It was at that point that releasing an EP became clear.  “Damn, we’ve really got something special here,” Yelawolf describes of their enlightenment.

The Psycho White EP was born.

The self-titled Psycho White EP is slated for a late October-early November release with “Push-em” as its first single.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local

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