K&B Check In With Dieu To. Guess What? He Really Needs A Woman!

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Well after a long absence, Kevin & Bean were lucky enough to catch up with Dieu To, the International Man of Mystery recently!

As you may remember, Dieu To had been spotted at a cooking party recently by a Kevin & Bean listener so we wanted to get an update from the man himself.


Despite what he apparently told the listener, Dieu To claims he is not embarrassed about his previous Kevin & Bean appearances. In fact, all Dieu To can think about are his women troubles.

According to Dieu, he has been dating an “emotionally unstable” woman who “hears the voice of the devil when she’s on the toilet.” Poor Dieu To doesn’t know what to do so Kevin (or “Bean” as Dieu kept calling him) and Lisa May gave him some advice.

Should he join a dating service or stay with the woman who thinks about death in the bathroom? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out what happens, but we think she’s a keeper.

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