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KROQ Locals Only Playlist 6/10/12: Robert DeLong, Attaloss, Yellow Red Sparks And More – Listen And Vote

We currently have 2 text-to-win contests where you can score free tickets! Text the following keywords to 2-KROQ (25767) to enter to win tickets to the following shows:

White Arrows at the Troubadour – Keyword: TROUBADOUR
Oedipus at the Roxy – Keyword: ROXY

5. Robert DeLong – Happy

4. The Briggs – Panic

3. JJamz – Heartbeat

2. Attaloss – Open Door

1. Oedipus – Kiss On The Fist


Robert DeLong – Happy

The Briggs – Panic

JJamz – Heartbeat

Attaloss – Open Door

Oedipus – Kiss On The Fist

White Arrows – Fireworks Of The Sea

Luna Is Honey – Yes I Want To Lose Control

Torches – I Want Something

Phantom Planet – California

Beware Of Darkness – Howl

The New Limb – Birds and Stuff

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Man On Fire

Vanaprasta – Self Indulgent Feeling

Yellow Red Sparks – My Machine Gun

  • Caroline


  • Joy Preische

    Keep playing Attaloss!!

  • Tracy Derton

    Love me some Attaloss.

  • ira


  • Nessi aka GohanGirlie

    Ending up as the first one to comment here … what’s wrong with the voters? Where are you hiding? Mysterious, jk. Yeah, I know, you are probably missing Midnight Hour and Bad Suns too. Got it, and I’d love to see them being listed together again as well. Believe I’m trying my best for weeks now to make this happen.

    But you know what? KROQ and Kat Corbett feature and provide great music anyway and therefore I’m still around to show my appreciation to it. Besides I haven’t quit on Locals Only – even though I came here to grant Midnight Hour my vote in the first place – because I’m willing to make my vote count fo any of the other gifted bands listed this week in order to help KROQ and Kat to enlarge and promote SoCal’s local music scene. People actually need to find out about how much undiscovered talent is hiding here (speaking of it: How is it possible that so many amazing bands aren’t signed yet? Take Midnight Hour as an example. These guys are enormously talented and have it all – convincing songwriting and performing skills, kindness and modesty, dedication and endurance – to make it big in the music business. Right? This is what I don’t get.)

    Anyway, I’m not here for complaining about how labels treat promising artitsts wrongful. I’m here to thank KROQ and Kat Corbett for showing so much support and love to the musicians in SoCal [hope you still feel enough love to spread some ‘Modern Love’ on here again – if you get what I mean :)].

    Furthermore I’d like to take the opportunity to remind people that the ‘Other’ section offered in the poll isn’t there without a reason:) I’m quite aware of how Kat have chosen wisely by picking this week’s bands to be played and to be listed on Locals Only – and I do really acknowledge and appreciate her work. But if a band’s not listed, it doesn’t mean that the band doesn’t belong here. Hence you have the chance to vote bands (you consider to be worth your vote) back into the next week’s playlist.

    And just a little advice: both Midnight Hour and Bad Suns are more than worth it. They’ve proven themselves and their music enough to have another shot in this competition and to get their leading role in it back.

    Well, as always I’ve enjoyed to listen to KROQ’s Locals Only Playlist this week (and I’ll make my vote count for one band for sure), but to be honest: Sincere joy only grows out of sincere satisfaction. And without Midnight Hour (and Bad Suns) being listed I won’t be fully satisfied again – like I used to be with the playlist about some month ago.

    • Jason Flag

      you have to be the biggest moron on the world

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  • Tracy Jean Otto Knable

    Ummm, ATTALOSS please

  • Tracy Jean Otto Knable

    ATTALOSS please!

  • Michael Ahuja

    yellow red sparks rock

  • Claudia

    LOve me some LUNA IS HONEY :P

  • Claudia

    Daaang. LUNA IS HONEY. Uhuh

  • Bill

    Wow, the band Beware of Darkness ive never heard of before. That song Howl is the best authentic rock song ive heard in a decade or so. Stay behind those guys !!

  • Stacey Mitchell

    ATTALOSS ATTALOSS ATTALOSS! Who’s gonna see the boys this friday at The Viper Room with me?!?!?! They’re back from tour – and they’re playing with Unwritten Law!!!! Vote for Attaloss – and come see them live!

  • Joana


  • Tracy Derton

    Voting my Attaloss boys!



  • |
  • doctormonalisa


    • http://thel; Francine C. Still Hicks

      I’m Voting….BEWARE OF DARKNESS! ” LOVING YOU!!!! You Guys Got This!!!!! ;)

  • doctormonalisa


  • JoanJett

    O.E.D.I.P.U.S <3 <3 You're the best ! greetings from Poland:)

  • Khandi

    Beware of Darkness

  • patty

    Beware of Darkness all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maryann

    They effing RULE !

  • ziggy

    best rock creative song in ages Beware of Darkness!!!!

  • Stringbreaker

    another day another Oedipus vote

  • Steve

    Where is all the Oedipus love? Seriously… Kiss on the Fist is by FAR one of the best songs on KROQ.

  • Delilah

    Luna Is Honey! Luna Is Honey!

  • double chongo

    Robert DeLong !

  • leahmundy

    We want more ROBERT DELONG!

  • http://thel; Francine C. Still Hicks

    VOTE!!!! “BEWARE OF DARKNESS!” Oh Yeah!!!!!! :)


    Robert DeLong!

  • Paul

    Attaloss ———————————————> thats all i wanna hear!!!

  • Aias

    Robbie Del

  • Invisible D.

    Keep rockin’ Oedipus!

  • Jon


  • Sylwia Łysakowska

    O E D I P U S !!!
    : )

  • Agnieszka Jung

    Oedipus is best band ever :)

  • Milena (@ElanyC)

    keep OEDIPUS on #1 !

  • Steve-O

    Oedipus? OEDIPUS!

  • Sylwia B.

    OEDIPUS :) there’s no way I could vote for someone else than you guys :)

  • Darek Leiner

    Vote For Oedipus!! They F’n Rule Your FACE!!! – love from Cityzen(Darek)

  • Nathaniel Cowden

    This band and this song are sick! I first saw them at the Roxy in 1998! Seriously!!!

  • Tamara Geldmacher

    Go Yellow Red Sparks! we love you guys.

  • Greg

    Oedipus is an awesome trio packed with talent. They have an awesome original sound. I haven’t been this excited about a band in a while.

  • Jami Hale

    Oedipus – Kiss On The Fist please ^_^

  • Tony Valenti

    Just heard Ceasefire’s It’s You on KROQ! Wowowowowowowo!!!! Keep playing this song!!

  • rita

    cant wait to hear it again

  • rita



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