DJ Lethal Leaves Limp Bizkit, “I Would Rather Die Than Be A Slave!”

DJ Lethal broke from Limp Bizkit and left a trail of angry Tweets this weekend.

“I’m nobody’s DJ. I am me. I’m no kiss ass. I would rather die than be a slave!! Respect that!! I respect that, but it’s not a democracy. Don’t believe the hype. It’s one man. The rest follow like sellout money-hungry slaves,” said Lethal in a series of Tweets over the weekend.

“Personally I’ve been degraded and disrespected big time. It’s personal now. I tried to lay low, but the MAN with self-respect and dignity could hold back!! Call it childish or immature. Through thknthn. I’m really sorry mostly to the fans because one man is a tyrant control freak. #Napoleon!!”

Lethal’s rant goes on singling out Durst, “I’ve been berated, made to look like a drug addict. Truth is I stood up for myself. Truth is I stood up to Fred. Simple. He’s a tyrant slave driver.

“Yeah I’m pissed right now, ” Lethal continues, “It’s like a long relationship gone bad. Too bad. Life goes on. One man cares about on man. No team. All kiss ass”

Lethal, who was a founding member of House Of Pain and produced their smash album Shamrocks and Shenanigans, made the transition to Limp Bizkit after being in House Of Pain became “a hassle.” Because Limp Bizkit opened up House Of Pain on their final headlining tour, Durst was familiar with his work and asked him to assist in the recording studio. Lethal was later asked to be part of the touring band.

With Lethal out of the band, Limp Bizkit will head overseas with Franko Carino, aka DJ Skelatorheaded filling in the position. Lethal commented about the substitution, “I would hate to see somebody trying to play my parts behind some curtain or something. Weird.”

Limp Bizkit plays Poland’s Ursynalia Festival Grounds June 6th then heads to the Netherlands and Belgium.


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