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Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” MCA Tribute Starring Children

James Winters, an aspiring film maker from Portland, Oregon, along with his wife, kids and nephew spent last week creating an entertaining tribute to the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch a.k.a. MCA.

The family followed the original Spike Jonze-directed music video as closely as possible. The end result is a fun twist on one of the most iconic videos of all time, the 1994 classic “Sabotage.”

In a phone interview this morning with Winters he explained that not only is he a fan but his sons recently fell in love with The Beastie Boys, “When their last album came out, Hot Sauce Committee, we got that and and somehow managed to get a clean version so we’ve just been bumpin’ the heck out of it and they’ve just been lovin’ it.”

“When we decided to do the project I showed them the Sabotage video and one of the recent videos for “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” featuring G.I. Joe figures getting blown up… and they loved that.”

When asked about the response so far, Winters says that this is the first interview he’s accepted, “This was done because I’m a fan. And I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. I saw them when I was 14 at the Palladium in Hollywood and they changed my life.” He continues about his 1987 concert experience, “I was a punk rock kid and they introduced me to hip hop. When I was at the show it was general admission, open floor, and there were gang bangers and punk rockers and jocks and cholos but everybody was united under these guys. To me, that what the Beastie Boys represent… this spirit of joy no matter who you are, get into the moment and get down.”

Winters popped one of his sons onto the phone to weigh in on his favorite moment of the video. Ivan, with an expectedly squeaky 4 years old voice says, “I loved the when the dummy fell off the bridge.”

Says one viewer, “man, that is so awesome. what a beautiful tribute. you’ve just made my day. say what ? my whole week ! and you made me cry in the end. thanks for this. hope this gets a zillion views. Beastie Boys forever.”

And to think the original video was nominated for five VMAs back in ’94 and lost all of them.

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One Comment

  1. Paula Mina Dailey says:

    Just a note from James Winters’ Mum…his name is James Winters….with an s not Winter. Now I get to visit all these great sites I would have never know they existed because I am in a different generation….I love that so many positive reactions to playfulness have been made. I was originally upset by the dummy falling; but now I have seen the original video. The whole family told us that they were working on this one day and they truly completed it as well. James is an amazing Dad…Mina (that is what the kids call me).

  2. thanks for the interview. Great job. One correction, the last name’s Winters, not Winter. Thanks! Also want to recognize Spike Jonze for being an amazing filmmaker and inspiration!

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