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The Offspring’s Ode To Huntington Beach, “Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Truck)”

When asked about the track “Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Truck),” featured on The Offspring’s upcoming album Days Go By, Dexter Holland and Noodles broke up in laughter. They must have known the song title would get some chuckles. KROQ morning show host Bean was happy to deliver the question, “Did you run into Snoop Dogg at the medical marijuana store? How did that title happen?”

Dexter, the band’s frontman, was more than happy to offer some insight into the fun rap-laden track, “For whatever reason I felt kinda serious writing this record… there was a lot of serious songs and when we got close to the end I felt like I wanted to have a few kinda fun songs on it too because that’s both sides of who we are as a band. That song was really about where I live. I live in Huntington Beach and I’ve never written a song about what it’s like to go down on an average summer day in my home town.”

When asked if this was their Ice Cube “It Was A Good Day,” the duo laughed and responded, “Yeah, I guess it is… The white guy nerd version.”

“Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Truck)” will appear on the band’s new album, Days Go By, in stores June 26th on Columbia Records.


One Comment

  1. Juan says:

    Sounds like someone took some cues from Katy Perry.

    1. aaront says:

      That’s the whole idea – it’s a joke at the expensive of the likes of Katy Perry.

  2. nerdo says:

    i miss the conspiracy of one days

  3. Sergio says:


  4. ian rosen says:

    Only true Offspring fans can appreciate this song. Histerical

  5. frank says:

    this is the worst offspring song i have ever heard

  6. daftshadow says:

    what the hell is this? how can they go from songs like The Future Is Now and Days Go By to something like this???

  7. Puschka says:

    I can’t spot listening Cruising California and Days Go by! o/

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