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Who Has Portraits Of Their Pets?? Bean And Lisa May, Of Course!

All of us on the Kevin & Bean Show are animal lovers, however; some may take it way over the top…with having framed pictures of their pets on their walls.

I bet you aren’t surprised Bean has an oil painting of his cow in his house, but Lisa May has a few of her dogs as well.

What’s up with that? Do you have portraits of your pets?

Lisa May not only not one, but three portraits:

lisadogs Who Has Portraits Of Their Pets?? Bean And Lisa May, Of Course!

Do you have portraits of your pets? Take a picture and send it to

  • Matt

    i think if you have a picture WITH your pet thats perfectly normal. But a portrait of just a pet is kind of weird.

  • Elisha

    I personally don’t get it but my parents have a water color painting of their late Rottweiler, Baron.
    Elisha, Lafayette IN

  • Eric


  • Lila

    I have a woven cotton throw that has the image of my dear departed bichon frise Cody. Plus several portraits of all my dogs from Olan Mills.

  • alex

    which one is the cow?

  • http://Kevinandbean Roxana Lanzagorta

    I’m with Ralph you put pix of your pets cuz you do not have kids to spend your time……

  • Daly

    Don’t think it’s weird at all. I have one painting of my dog that I painted after he passed away. He died when he was two. For me, painting him was cathartic. I have pictures of him, but not of the way I’d like to remember him (I also made it look like an art nouveau poster advertising laundry service because the painting is of him sitting in a laundry basket.) I also have paintings, drawings, and black & white portraits I took and printed myself of my family members.

  • jolene

    its proven that people have more photo’s and portraits of their animals VS photo’s of themselves or kids! i dont find it wierd at all.

  • Manny

    Bean, I think you’re a great guy and all but why does it look like you have a creepy mustache?

  • jayg1013

    I have an oil painting of my dog as well but who cares because you can see Lisa’s boobs!

  • Mike

    I have a couple of paintings of my dog and me and my dog done by a woman I was dating. They were a Christmas present. One of the best I’ve ever gotten because she took the time and effort instead of just clicking a buy now link on some website.

  • Luke

    Bean’s pic is awesome. Cows are likeable for some reason.

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