Gary Clark Jr. On Falling For The Blues – “I’d Never Heard Anything Like That”

All eyes on Warner Bros. Records’ newest shining star, Gary Clark Jr. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Gary has no shortage of music coursing through his veins.

Clark’s first weekend at Coachella created so much buzz that his performance for Weekend two pulled in more onlookers than the 5,000 person capacity Gobi Tent could handle. Magazines like Rolling Stone called Clark the “Best Young Gun” and only a few months ago Clark Jr. played the Red, White, and Blues event at the White House.

Upon pulling into the KROQ Coachella House, Clark Jr. was diverted to the gifting suite where he paused for a fitting of a new pair of Dr. Martens. After weaving his way though the vendors, Clark Jr. relaxed under the hot summer sun with KROQ’s Nicole Alvarez and reflected on his big weekend in the desert.

What inspired you to go down this soulful road?

“A friend of mine, Eve, she played guitar before I did. She had a band down the street. They hooked me up with some CDs, Hendrix the Ultimate Experience, Stevie Ray’s Texas Flood album and that was it from there. I quit paying attention to everything else.”

“I thought that form of expression, the heart and soul and the energy that goes into it…I’d never heard anything like that…the way those guys played the guitar and let everything loose, it was kind of inspiring for me. If I’m listening in headphones and I hear those records it still hits me the same way it did fifteen years ago.”

When did you find your style?

“Finding my style… I don’t know. I’m just kinda open to everything. I just figure why not? It’s just music you know. I grew up in Austin, Texas… it’s the live music capital of the world so I was surrounded by anything and everything.”

“When I was first started playing on the scene, I was going to blues clubs, I’d play straight up 1-4-5, B.B. King’s songs… I’d go back to my house and I’d have my drum machine and I’d be sampling records and trying to cut it up on the turntables.”

Speaking earlier this week with, Clark Jr talks about the Coachella crowd.

“The energy from a festival is its own thing. All of that energy from the crowd fuels the set in a massive way that carries on like a wave. At a club there’s an intimacy with the crowd I can share with the people as a whole but the individuals in the room as well.”

Get the newest EP from Gary Clark Jr., The Bright Lights on iTunes.

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