Gavin Rossdale From Bush Calls Tabloids “Parasites,” Major Labels “Flabby”

Husband. Father. Rock star. Gavin Rossdale is known as much for his personal life with wife and No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani as he is for his musical career.

Rossdale is also known for his laid-back, reserved nature but the Bush frontman wasn’t afraid to give his candid opinion on the “flabbiness” of major labels and the predatory tendencies of the paparazzi and tabloid press machines in an interview with Lonny Knapp of Spinner.

On major labels and running his own label (Zuma Rock Records):

Major labels have become so flabby, and it takes a long time for your records to come out. With Interscope, you are on this carousel. You spend most of the time in the dark, but every now and again you spin around into the light and Jimmy (Iovine, music producer, and founder of Interscope Records) will speak to you. Then, just as quickly, you are away again. On our own label, we make decisions faster and it’s fantastic.

On the tabloids:

People who are obsessed with tabloids or live a life where they give a shit about that stuff probably aren’t music fans to begin with.

There are five or six cars that follow Gwen and the kids around every day, and I’m lucky if I can catch up.

People ask me how I put up with that? Well, until I walk through an airport and I don’t see everyone reading those magazines, I have no choice. As long as people are buying in, it will feed itself. It’s been like that forever. Throughout history there have been schools of great learning, artists, thinkers, and explorers — and then you’d have these sour vicarious-living parasites.

On the tabloid front, Rossdale was recently caught with his pants off while filming a cameo for an upcoming role in The Bling Ring.

Musically, Bush will embark on an international tour throughout the spring and summer to promote their latest album The Sea of Memories.


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