Punk Roq Corner: Black Flag “I’ve Heard It Before”

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You feel lucky, punk? Good – ’cause Jack is back. Jack?

Hard to pick just one Black Flag song for the Punk Roq Korner feature, in fact there will probably be many more, but let’s start with this one – “I’ve Heard It Before”. I could always relate to these lyrics and the way Dez scraped the vocals out of the bottom of his throat. But, enough of my diatribe. . . I’ll let the lyrics and the song speak for themselves.

I’ve heard it before

I don’t want to hear it again

I’ve heard it before

I just want to shut you up


Fuck all you people who can’t see my side

I’ve got my own strategies for my life

I’ve seen the emptiness in your ways

Don’t tell me how to make my way


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