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Picture Of The Day: This Chick Thinks She’s “Too Hot”

This chick thinks she’s “too attractive”  and it makes her life miserable, but that’s got to be BS, right?  Ladies, does this happen to you?

[photogallerylink id=161733]

[photogallerylink id=156629]

  • Jesse

    Gary Busey’s daughter is a 5 AT best!!!

  • Travis


  • Steven


  • Adriana

    IS THAT A WEDDING RING ON HER FINGER?!?!?! She shouldn’t even want other men to hit on her!

  • eddie

    No i dont think so!! Shes somewhat attractive but not hot enough not get asked out.. Shes out of her mind to think that!

  • Brandon Dunne

    She’s the type of chick that is good looking enough to hit on in a bar….but not so much so that most guys think they have a chance.

  • Kevin

    Who thinks this women is hot? they need to be slapped. She’s okay nothing special. She is full of it & looking for an excuse as to why she is unhappy

  • ruth

    Oh please! She’s not all that attractive. Shes got issues.

  • catharticsubstance

    “Buzz, your girlfriend, woof…”

  • Alexander

    The attitude a woman projects determines whether people like her or not.
    I could care less how I look, but I have never searched for a date…
    This is my pic:

    Ugly is inside people.
    Love to all!

  • Matt

    Thats what “hot” is? Damn i’ve had it all wrong

  • dawn


  • Monique

    Hot? Not! I would categorize her on the “ok” section. If a man wants to talk to a woman he’ll grab his balls and do so, I don’t think a man could be that intimidated by a woman’s look.

  • denise

    average looking. if Sofia Vergara wrote this article then it would make sense.

    ps the reason no one likes you is because you are so conceited.

  • Adam Beachem

    And she lives in L.A.? Are you kidding me? She’s a Seattle 7 at best! That puts her about an L.A. 5….

  • Mike

    This is a joke, right? She isn’t even remotely attractive. She is fat and has bad teeth.

  • Calvin

  • Lulu

    This woman is from England. They do tend to have much lower standards for what is considered attractive. In England she probably IS a 10, whereas is L.A. she’s more of a 4-5.

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