Internet Roundup 4/6/12: Charlize Theron’s Sex Tape, Kate Upton Staring Contest, Bill Murray’s First Pitch, Jimmy Kimmel Silverstones Your Kids + More

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On this edition of the Internet Roundup: Charlize Theron’s sex tape & ASPCA audition, Kate Upton’s staring contest, Bar Refaeli makes tennis watchable, Bone Pugz-N-Harmony and another Kardashian family video.

Also, Nine Inch Nails on Dance Party USA, Stifler gets auto-tuned, Jimmy Kimmel Silverstones your kids and more.

Charlize Theron’s ASPCA Audition:

Charlize Theron Sex Tape:

PAGE 2 Kate Upton & Bar Refaeli? Yes please!

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