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[Showbiz Beat] Who Knew Alicia Silverstone Is A Bird?

Did you see the new Hollywood trend? Feeding your kid like a bird.

Well Alicia Silverstone is ahead of the curve. The star from Clueless is feeding her 10-month old son Bear with her mouth. Wait, a bear getting fed like a bird; WHAT?

Omar should do this with his newborn baby. Anyways, if you’d like to practice the habit, Alicia shows you how.

Does anyone else do this? Will you try this with your kid? This is strange right?

  • jleija79


  • Crystal

    My mom didn’t do that, but when my youngest sister was a baby, she used to chew up regular food, spit it up into her hand, and handfeed her the chewed up food. It was quite nasty.

  • christina

    my son is 10 months old…i do NOT feed him this way…i have enough sense to not feed him anything he can’t chew/gum…this is gross…

  • KevinL

    Maybe she just thinks this food tastes good and doesnt want to get fat? Lol

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