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Locals Only Playlist 3/18/12: The Hell, The Active Set, Silversun Pickups And More – Listen And Vote

5. The Mowgli’s – San Francisco

4. Bad Suns – Transpose

3. The Hell – R.R.R. (Repeat 3x)

2. White Arrows – Get Gone

1. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 40 Daydream


The Mowgli’s – San Francisco

Bad Suns – Transpose

The Hell – R.R.R. (Repeat 3x)

White Arrows – Get Gone

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 40 Daydream

Prima Donna – Maxine

Kill The Complex – Shine

Roll The Tanks – Waiting On A Storm

Fitz & The Tantrums – Don’t Gotta Work It Out

The Active Set – Valley Born

Blondfire – Where The Kids Are

Seedless – Twisted Love

Silversun Pickups – Broken Bottles

Family Of The Year – St. Croix

  • Kat
  • Matty

    Rooting for BAD SUNS. Great tune….Where can I hear more?

  • Richie...

    The Active Set…. they killed it at The Troubadour – one of my fav new LA bands

  • Natasha

    Prima Donna is my new crush!

  • EK

    active set rocks my balls!

  • gail russell

    great sound !

  • Bethpage Black

    since we got kicked off the countdown, we’re voting for our tour mates Active Set. But we’ll be back, Active Set, and then we vow to destroy you! bwah hah hah

    • Nessi aka GohanGirlie

      Sure you’ll be back. So don’t ‘Loose YOUR Nerve’ on that haha. I guess it’s all about belief and faith in ones talent and fans here. And guess what: Some brilliant people told me once – actually not that long ago – that bands who got kicked off the countdown on Locals Only might be back the next week – due to their talent and their fans’ commitment ;) Might be mistaken things but I was told so when I felt kinda disappointed about the lack of ‘Modern Love’ here haha. So I hope you haven’t lost that spirit and make your way back on the list again – maybe next week;) Even though it might be a tougher decision then whether to vote for Bad Suns or for you ….

      Truth to be told: Since Kat seems to be talented herself in choosing truely gifted bands for Locals Only it’s already hard to decide for ONE to support here. Just to drop a few: Kill the Complex are great and their music got me right away as well as The Mowgli’s and Silversun Pickup’s did…. ARGH, too many great bands participate in this competition. Guess that’s the problem with Locals Only: Plenty talented bands gathered at one place ;) But on the contrary this is exactly what makes KROQ that awesome in my eyes!

      All in all, Locals Only is an incredible platform to find music that matters and has its message (Seriously, due to KROQ I was able to find music that lyrics are as great as its arrangement… at last it’s not all about melodic nonsense in music business – thankfully!).

      Music with true significance…that’s rare to find nowadays I guess. But thanks to KROQ and Kat Corbett I got hope and faith that there are talents out there that just need to be discovered and Locals Only is a great starting point for them.

      Anyway, Good Luck on returning here;) You definitely deserve a comeback;)

  • David Daskal

    Mowglis! Do it!

  • Christina

    SOOOOO awesome! I saw these guys live and THEY ARE AMAZING!


    The Active set hands down best new band. Cant take their album 11 out of my car totally kick ass!!!! Big fan.

  • Dumplin'Danger

    Prima Donna IS the bomb!!!!
    Y’all should check out Feral Children by them as well ;)

  • Elizabeth craig

    My new favourite band!

    • Matthew Stolarz

      ‘favourite’ with a ‘u’! YEs!

  • Scott Kornfehl

    Prima Donna is going to be huge!

  • Jill

    The Active set is such an amazing band and we need to hear more of them!!!

  • Matthew Stolarz

    I like being played on the radio. I could get used to it.

  • henry

    All the BEST Wayne……….

  • Chris

    Get some Pictures In Sound on here!

  • kelly rae

    Pictures in Sound!!!!!

  • kelly rae

    Pictures in Sound!!

  • Jonathan

    Great band, with great sound and a super fun live show. Go check them out if you haven’t yet had an opportunity.

  • Mike Charles

    Just my kind of music.

  • Josh

    The Vegas Breakdown! those dudes rocked the KROQ Locals Only show at The Roxy with Dear and Departed!

  • Lisa Fulbright (@LisaFulbright)

    Do you know The Mowglis like I know The Mowglis?! They deserve this!

  • Wendi

    Get awesome and listen-vote for The Vegas Breakdown! <3

  • Wendi

    Get awesome and listen/vote for The Vegas Breakdown! <3

  • Giulia

    Prima Donna is the best group ever and I love MAXINE!!!

  • anthemofthesun

    I really dig the Mowgli’s sound, its big and full of energy. i can feel pure love dripping off of them, it is real and refreshing!

  • Claire Greig

    luv it!!

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