Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins Gets Beat Up In New “Bring ‘Em Down” Video, Bloc Party Remixes Song

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Welsh alternative-metal band, Lostprophets, is gearing up to release their fifth album Weapons on April 2nd with a UK tour, an awesome remix of their song “Bring ‘Em Down” by Bloc Party, and a violently good music video for the same song.

In the video, Lostprophets’ lead singer, Ian Watkins, gets beaten to a pulp, chased down, domineered, and beaten again. It’s sexy, bloody good fun. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Bloc Party remix of “Bring ‘Em Down”

After three years of not touring, Bloc Party recently announced a comeback. They are slotted to play two European Festival dates and the Peace & Love Festival in Sweden on June 29th and the Melt Festival in Germany from July 14-15.

Controversial frontman,  Kele Okereke, has made claims that the band are working on a fourth LP in New York which will come out later this year.  However, their management denied it to British radio host, Zane Lowe.

Despite management claims, could their remix for Lostprophets be a sign that something is on the horizon?

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