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Sluggo’s Video Of The Day: Fugazi “Waiting Room”

Every time K-R-Oh-Screw played this one I damaged the speakers in the studio just that much more.  If you think it’s time for this one to come back in a big way on The Roq, set fire to something.  We’ll see the smoke signals from here.

You won’t see a video here, though.  If that upsets you greatly, up your dosage and toss another chair on the bon fire.

  • markov

    great song from the 90s

  • http://MySpace Scotty

    Dammit! I will Slutto! I just threw my crappy missing one roller computer chair on that blaze-O-fire and I nearly singed my bushy eyes brows off. Ah well, it was for the better… As for this video of the day, its punk enough! :P Ian is Ian… Yeah, I’m only slightly agrro right now cause I have to wait another week to take my “dosage”… stupid certificate renewals! Until then I’m resorting to sitting alone in the dark with a hoody watching Archer Season one… “Well F@ck your dolphin Pam! F@ck your f@ckin’ dolphin!” -Sterling Archer. –> …Yeah, so, nice video of the day Sluggo. I’m just wondering where’s the rest of my punk rock favorites??? January had a little kick and then flop! Where’s The Vandals (Before that money grubbing Joe), Adolescents (Did you see the pics of their sickass Observatory gig they did on the 3rd of this month in OC Weekly?), The Germs (Yeah, I really have no comment, just kinda figured why not have a caption like the rest of them…Shane West!), and I always have to add The Misfits. Come on Sluggster, spin a little somethin’ for us pUn K rOq ErS out here in Lala Land… Oh! And tell Nicole Alvarez I miss leaving comments on her myspace page. :P Keep ’em lit and Hazey! I know I won’t be…*tear*…

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