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Picture Of The Day: Should Beer Mug Be So Concerned That He’s Balding?

We found out this week that Beer Mug had started to take Propecia because he was worried about losing his hair.  But come on, if it works for Jason Statham, it’ll work for him right?  In the photo above we put Jason’s hair on Mugs. Ladies, does it really matter if a guy is balding? Do you have a preference?

Leave your comments below.
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  • Yourmom

    he looks like a shaved scrotum

  • Meg

    I’m 28 and I think bald guys are hot! Beermug would be able to rock the baldness! Important part is keeping the beard otherwise he’ll look like a child.

  • Brandy

    I happen to think Jason Statham is hot and his hair just adds character. I personally don’t have a preference and I think beer mug should just rock his look without taking propecia!

  • Rachel

    I’m no a big fan of bald men but if one were to be I really like it when they cut there hair at a 1/2 an inch all around and having there beard and side burn connect and also be 1/2 an inch. So pretty much facial hair and the hair being the same length. Almost like Jude law but short hair at the top


    When my ex husband was in his early 20s he was balding. I bet him that if he shaved his head random young girls would touch it. I shaved it, girls LOVED it and 15 years later we aren’t together but be still shaves his head.

  • Dara

    I LOVE bald men. Beer Mug you should just let the hair go! Women love to rub a bald head. Love you guys!!!! :-*

  • Millie

    It is a turn off to see a balding man try so hard on a losing battle. It is obvious and all remedies (comb overs and faux hair) are just silly. Just sack up and get rid of it. You’ll get more action as a bald man than a balding man.

  • Jon

    Lol wtf am I looking at. He looks like that big headed baby that gets high. Holly s! I cant stop laughing. Poor guy is tragically ugly. Forget the hair and just kill yourself. Lol check out my killer broom vids.,lol fucking hideous.

  • Angie

    Honestly it doesn’t matter to me if a guy is bald, but Jason Statham and Vin Diesel have in common is their rockin’ bodies. So just a suggestion, maybe if Beer Mug gets ripped and toned that the ladies won’t care what’s not there and “enjoy” his rock solid body. Why waste your time fighting with genetics when you can always change physical appearance? Beer Mug you don’t want to wait months then try P90X or Insanity-that will have you ripped in no time.

  • cmo

    He looks like a dirty russian mobster….

  • Chad

    dude shave it off!! dont try and save it!! it looks sooo much worse to have a receding hair line or the hair that just grows above your ears a couple inches and meets at the back of your head. Just shave it off and grow a great mustache and buy a harley!! haha

  • Melissa

    Beer Mug is loosing it lol his hair I mean. But good new if you have a killer body girls wont be looking at your hair. So get going I suggest P90X, get to work buddy you have a long way to go!

    • Melissa

      Meant “News” not new

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  • Mats

    I think Beer Mug should grow long hair. Then he could look like the psycho killer Waingro in the movie Heat.

  • Joe

    I can provide some pubic hair for beer mug. And a punch to his stupid ass face!

  • Jason

    I would call the cops if i saw balding beer mug near a playground. Keep the hair.

  • angie

    buzz the head beer, keep the facial hair, you’ll be fine :)

  • Joe

    That’ll work

  • chenai

    Jason and beer mug can’t even be compared. Jason – can pull it off. Beer mug, don’t even try it.

  • Jill

    The thing Beer Mug fails to factor in is that women who place so much importance on a guy having hair are likely to reject him for his other shortcomings. I say forget the Propecia and focus on your strong points … uh, whatever those may be …

  • 4826148

    Thats some bad photoshop work.

  • Andy

    keep taking those pills, nobody likes a bald drunk

  • uvez olia

    I know I am behind on the show, but I showed my gf the picture of beer mug and she is a hair stylist, she recommends going completely bald and making is beard thicker, it would make him look more mature and masculine

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