Let’s Make A Playlist Together!

Sometimes there is so much music out there and different sources to discover music, that I fear some things slip through the crack.

Luckily, I have a pretty good system for making sure I don’t miss anything. KROQ, Local’s Only, Spotify, blogs…you know, the essentials.

So, I started a playlist for January 2012. Some old, some new, some in between. However, while I was crafting this playlist, I realized I wanted to collaborate with my friends and KROQ listeners and see if together, we can blow the roof off of other playlists.

I think we can.

So, here are some of my songs, and I would love it if you can throw in some of yours and that way, together, we rock out all the while spreading the joy of music all over this biatch.

Let’s go!

Like I said, these are just songs that I have been listening to lately. Some of them just floated my way at the right time and some of them have been around for a hot minute, yet something about them works for me in this very moment. Some, are merely on a test run.

Please add like 2 or 3 of your own that my ears can chew on for a bit.


What I need is more rock. Like the kind with balls. The kind that offends mothers and get’s your blood boiling.

I am very excited to see what you all post!

Thanks guys!

Videos to accompany my playlist






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