[Interview] Blink-182 On Breast Implants, Urology, Proctology And Roast Beef Sandwiches

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Tom and Mark make a Nicole Alvarez sandwich

Tom and Mark make a Nicole Alvarez sandwich

[pullquote quote=”A job in urology, I can see myself having that job.” credit=”Tom DeLonge”]When Nicole sat down with Mark & Tom from Blink-182, there was little chance that she expected the onslaught of potty humor. Yes, we’re always prepared for Blink’s patented banter, but this particular interview has to be one of the funniest they’ve done in a while. The boys were relaxed, comfortable and yet, on fire. It’s incredible how the pair writes songs that have moved teens for a decade yet they can turn on their faucet of comedy at a moment’s notice.

The interview was going along fine till Nicole asked them what jobs they’d have if their music career had never taken off. They’re answers are classic Blink-182.


The 2011 Almost Acoustic Christmas was brought to you by Napoleon Dynamite. Don’t mess with Dynamite! Napoleon Dynamite is coming to Fox! Part of Animation Domination! It’s gonna be freaking sweet!

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