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Bean Bids On A Meet And Greet With Scarlett Johansson As A Joke….And Won!

[UPDATE: Bean won the auction! Tune in tomorrow morning as Ralph and Kevin break the news to his wife.]

Ralph reported yesterday that website Charity Buzz is holding an auction to meet Scarlett Johansson at the New York premiere for We Bought A Zoo on MondayThe proceeds from the auction go to the charity Blessings in a Backpack, which helps to make sure impoverished schoolchildren are fed on weekends.

Bidding ended at 10am today, and, he was the highest bidder. Oh snap! What’s his wife Donna gonna say?

beanbid Bean Bids On A Meet And Greet With Scarlett Johansson As A Joke....And Won!

Despite winning the auction, he says he won’t travel out to New York to collect his spoils.  But it may actually be a win for Scarlett Johansson, because this is how her interaction would probably go with Bean:

Re-live the moment when Bean wins the auction. Take a listen now.

  • David

    Congrats Bean!!!

  • Lisa C.

    So did Bean win?? He needs to go and post pics!

    • Lightning |

      He sure did!

  • BeerMug

    /BeerMug voice/ That’s fantastic!

  • Teddy

    Merry Xmas Donna! now mrs bean cant be mad

  • Darlene S

    WHAT?! Why won’t he travel to meet her? Doesn’t he want some more nosy interaction with old guys on planes??!….. He should at least have the decency to send Beer Mug in his place!

  • Dillon

    Bean. Dude. Cool up (lose the glasses) and go meet her!

  • matt

    Good job Bean your wife must love you……. hahahahahahahahaha……. MORN……..

  • Joe

    The only way Donna could be any more angry is if he tells her he blew seven grand on a joke, AND he’s not going to go.

    Hide the sharp objects, Bean.

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  • Matt von Oz

    Come on, Bean! You have to go!!! Do it for the listeners!

  • xymox69

    Is the prize transferable? Don’t spoil this prize. Give it to me!!! No, I haven’t won anything in the past 700 days… As one of Michael Jackson’s lawyers once said, “Greed begets greed.”

  • Carlos

    Well done Bean. In my dreams I would want to switch places with you, but realistically, and for the sake of comedy, I want to know every detail on what happens next.

  • Sdkboy1028

    Can Been really pay 70,000$?

  • Sdkboy1028

    Oh wait, its only 7,000$ not 70,000$. Yea he can pay that, not bad!! Go for it Bean but before you go see her look at her naked pics to forget how stupid your joke ended!

  • Laura

    Have Donna go in your place.

  • Rachel

    Bean needs to go. I mean seriously he already dropped 7000 dollars to meet her. What’s a couple hundred dollars for airline tickets? GO Bean GO.

  • OCLauri

    If Bean refuses to go, why don’t you guys contact the organization and see if they’ll allow the transfer if it’s for a worthy cause, like to a sick teen or an injured veteran?

  • Pinchi Johnie

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! (bean voice) UR NOT GOING?? first you F***ked Thanksgiving up by not playing the turkey bowl now ur wussying out by not going? we need Beans Man card back THANK you!

  • Joe


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  • Justin


  • Stephanie

    You guys should have re-auctioned it and send even more $$ to charity!

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